Strapit Level One: Comprehensive Taping Technique Essentials- Melbourne, FL

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Level One: Saturday September 14, 2019
Level Two: Sunday September 15, 2019

Harbor City PT
5000 N Wickham Rd, Suite 107

Melbourne, FL 32940

Course Description
Strapit/Gripit Essentials Taping Level 1 is an 8 hour course covering the basic skills necessary to carry out suitable taping for both injury prevention and injury management. In a lab based format the participants will undergo a hand-on instruction about the use of the 3 key taping modalities – athletic taping, kinesiology taping and activetaping methods. All specific to targeting pathologies. The participants will rationalize appropriate taping selection to address various injuries or potential injuries and understand the contra-indications to taping. 

This course is intended for: PT/PTAs, OT/OTAs, ATs, DCs

Course Costs and available discounts
Single Day $300
Weekend (both days) $500

Single Day Student or Military: $285
Weekend Student or Military: $475

Course Objectives
Level One:

  • State at least one contraindication for each type of tape: kinesiology, athletic, and active
  • Demonstrate a combined taping approach, using athletic and kinesiology tape, to include in the treatment program of a clinically indicated talocrural/subtalar pathology
  • List three different types of tape used for therapeutic intervention. Ie:
    • Athletic taping
    • Kinesiology Taping
    • Active Taping
  • List 1 precaution for each type of the following tapes: kinesiology, athletic, active
  • Correctly demonstrate the application of kinesiology tape AND active tape as a combined therapeutic intervention to a clinically indicated lordotic postural deviation
  • Demonstrate one appropriate kinesiology taping approach to a clinically indicated edematous distal lower extremity, specifically a high ankle sprain, with the goal of decreasing edema to the affected area


    Level Two:

    • Demonstrate a combination taping approach utilizing kinesiology tape, athletic, and active tape to the plantar fascia with the goal of reducing pain during therapeutic exercise
    • Demonstrate one clinical taping intervention for a patient with clinically indicated rearfoot valgus during an example treatment session
    • Demonstrate an athletic tape technique for abnormal hyperextension of the knee
    • Demonstrate one advanced kinesiology taping technique that successfully activates the anterior chain of the knee
    • List two forms of layer taping, utilizing active tape, for an unstable GH joint and AC subluxation
    • Demonstrate one kinesiology taping technique to a clinically indicated scapular diskinesis, with the goal of cuing corrective movement patterns during therapeutic exercise
    • Demonstrate an active taping method appropriate for therapeutic treatment of DeQuervain’s

    Length of Course
    9.5 hours total (8 hrs in class, 1 hour of breaks, 30 minutes at-home online post-course examination )

    0.0      - Registration
    0.5      Introduction of Speaker, Agenda, How Taping Relates to Practice
    1.25    Intro to taping concepts and the 3 taping categories
    0.5      Handling / feel / use of the tapes and self application
    0.25    break
    1.5      Application to Ankle/Lower Leg – regional taping 3 methods
    0.5      meal break
    1.0      Application to Knee – regional taping 3 methods
    0.75    Applications to Lumbar Spine / Cervical Spine – regional – 2 methods
    0.25    break
    1.0      Application to Shoulder and Shoulder Girdle – 2 methods
    0.5      Application to Forearm/Wrist/Thumb – 1 method
    0.5      Application to Elbow
    0.5      Group Discussion (Q/A) on EBP, Case Studies, Education Review of the Course
    0.5      Home Online exam for certification 

    9.5 hrs (with breaks)
    8.5 hrs (without breaks)

    **Earn up to 8.5 CEUs per day. Please check with your designated approval agency to confirm what applies to you

    Expected Proficiency to Receive Certification
    75% or higher on post-course examination

    Refund policy
    Attendee must cancel within 48 hours of the course to receive a full refund. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the course will be address individually with StrapIt (ie medical emergencies, sickness) and upon approval will receive full refund. 

    Contact Person
    Kate Miller, PTA, BSPTA, CFT

    Paul Haas, PT