Documents (PDF)

Orthotic fabrication with thermoplastic sheets

Wrist and Thumb Orthosis

Dorsal wrist orthosis

Anti swan neck orthosis

Anti claw orthosis

Circumferential elbow orthosis

Orfit's precut gauntlet thumb post orthosis

Resting hand orthosis

Orfit Wrist and Thumb Orthosis

Splinting with Orficast - Instructional Movies

How to activate Orficast Thermoplastic Tape

Full finger wrap

Full finger pinch

Capener orthosis

Anti-claw hand orthosis (including thumb)

Anti-swan neck orthosis (pinch method)

Anti-swan neck orthosis (rolled oval 8)

Thumb CMC

"Thumbs up" orthosis

Thumb support orthosis

Buddy tape

Yoke orthosis index finger

Yoke orthosis middle finger

PIP dynamic extension with Orfitube

Trigger finger orthosis (ring design)

Hinged PIP joint extension blocking orthosis

Functional orthosis for basilar joint arthritis

Anti-wrist radial deviation orthosis

Epicondylitis ring

Orthosis for De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

Anti-ulnar drift orthosis

Mallet finger orthosis (secured by tape)

Mallet finger orthosis (pinch method)